Investing For Beginners Workshop

Do you want to actually learn how to invest, step by step?

If YES… then this Investing 101 Workshop is for you!



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This is not your typical run-of-the-mill seminar because it is a workshop. This means there will be hands-on and interactive activities. It’s so hands-on that you are actually required to bring a calculator!

Aside from the discussions on the different types of investments, we will also work together to create your customized investment plan.

After the workshop, you are expected to go home with a concrete, practical work plan on where to invest and how to manage it to reach your financial goals.

Who’s teaching this workshop?

This workshop will be conducted by Fitz Villafuerte.

He is a civil engineer who decided to quit the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship. Since 2003, he’s been investing in trust funds, mutual funds, bonds, the stock market, and even real estate – all of that while creating several online and offline businesses.

His blog entitled, Ready To Be Rich, has already received several recognitions including the Best Business and Finance Blog at the Philippine Blog Awards for two years in a row.

Moreover, an international finance publication, Wise Bread, has likewise ranked his website as among the Top 100 Personal Finance blogs in the world. Fitz has also been recognized by Moneysense Magazine as among the top 12 most influential people in Personal Finance in the Philippines.

When and where is this happening?

Date: August 2, 2014, Saturday
Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Venue: Slate Creative Studio, Mandaluyong City, M.Mla


Thank you to everyone who attended. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn when the next schedule of this seminar will be. Thank you.


Who should attend this workshop?

  • People who have zero knowledge about investing
  • People who are afraid to lose money in investments
  • People who would like to learn how to invest with as little as P1,000 a month
  • People, specially parents, who need to secure their family’s financial future
  • People who would like to retire early, and retire rich

Why should I attend this workshop?

  • Because you’d like to actually learn how to invest, step by step
  • Because you want to create your very own, customized investment portfolio
  • Because you need a practical and concrete work plan on how to become rich

What are the things that I will learn in this workshop?

  • The difference between an asset and an investment
  • The things you need to do before you can invest
  • The biggest mistake that people commit when investing
  • How bonds, stocks, UITF, mutual funds and other instruments work
  • How to make money from paper assets
  • How to create and manage a diversified investment portfolio
  • How to use investments to help you buy your dream house
  • A do-it-yourself guide to creating an educational plan for your child
  • The exact amount you’ll need to finally retire

Quick Questions:

I have zero knowledge about investing, should I come?
Yes! This workshop is actually designed for you.

I can’t afford to invest yet, should I come?
Yes! We’ll work out a financial plan that will help you create an investment fund.

I already have an investment portfolio, should I come?
Yes! I will teach you how to manage and rebalance your portfolio, to make sure you will reach your investment objectives.

What do I need to bring?
Just a calculator. Pens, notepads and worksheets will all be provided by us.

Will lunch be served?
Yes, it’s included in the fee. No need to buy food during the workshop.

Will there be snacks?
Yes, and there will also be coffee to perk you up. 😀

I’m not available on the date, when’s the next one?
No idea, probably next year. So do your best to come to this one.


Thank you to everyone who attended. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn when the next schedule of this seminar will be. Thank you.

Feedback from Batch 1 attendees of the workshop:

Attendees of the Investing 101 Workshop Batch 1

Atty. Ariel Jawid:
I strongly recommend that you attend the Investing 101 Seminar Workshop… not only that you will learn the basics of investing; coming up with your own investment portfolio; etc. You will discover the so many things that you have been doing, wittingly or otherwise, that are actually ruining your financial life. Do yourself a favor – invest in this value-for-money seminar.

Mr. Nikko Tripon:
Although I was expecting the workshop to be more on stocks, it was something much more better. It was a great eye opener for me who has no experience and has very little knowledge in investing.

Learning Investment

Regular Rate: Php 2,800 per participant
Early Bird Rate: Php 2,500 per participant (until July 28, 2014)
Group Rate: Php 2,200 per participant (3 people per group)

Again, this is happening on August 2, 2014, that’s a Saturday, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Slate Creative Studio, Mandaluyong City, M.Mla.

The venue is a classroom and slots are limited. I prefer teaching only a small group because people learn better when there is a “teacher-student” interaction and everyone is free to ask questions anytime.

I know you’ve probably already attended a lot of investing seminars and conferences that taught you the right mindset about wealth and really inspired you to pursue financial freedom.

But now… it’s time for you to translate all that into an action plan.


Thank you to everyone who attended. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn when the next schedule of this seminar will be. Thank you.

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