The Winning Mindset of Stock Market and Forex Traders

When it comes to trading, the stock market is the default place where Filipinos go to. But in the past few years, more and more Pinoys are discovering the fast-paced world of forex trading.

I, myself, used to be a stock market trader, but moved towards forex trading a little over three years ago, because I found it to be easier, and more in tune with my mindset.

Unfortunately, not many people understand that trading is different from investing.

Moreso, it is wrong to believe that if you’re a successful stock market trader, then you’ll also do well as a forex trader (or vice versa).

Trading and investing, the stock market and the currency market – these are beasts with their own characteristics and personalities. And if you face them without the right mindset and skills, they can swallow all your hard-earned money in just a few months, or even days.

This is the reason why I and Stock Smarts book author, Marvin Germo, decided to conduct this one-of-a-kind seminar that will make you understand how the stock market and the currency market works, and help you decide if trading them is for you.

It’s entitled…

The Winning Mindset of Successful Stock Market and Forex Traders


When and Where Is This Happening?
Date: Wednesday, February 18. 2015
Time: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Venue: vOffice PH at 10F Fort Legend Tower, 3rd Ave. and 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Learning Investment:
Regular Rate: Php 3,500 per participant



Marvin Germo
Marvin Germo is a Registered Financial Planner, book author, key note speaker, BPI Trade Brand Ambassador and personal financial consultant who is among one of the most passionate personal finance experts in the land.

His ability to breakdown complicated investment concepts and translate it into something that is simple, basic and understandable has made him one of the most sought after money speakers among OFWs.

He has been interviewed by various television and radio programs, and is a columnist for Rappler, Moneysense Magazine and BusinessMirror.

Get to know him better at

Fitz Villafuerte
Fitz Villafuerte is a Registered Financial Planner and author of the book, The Ready To Be Rich Guide to Investing.

He has been recognized by Moneysense Magazine as among the Top 12 Most Influential People in Personal Finance in the Philippines.

He is a resource speaker for corporate and socio-civic organizations in the country and has appeared in several TV programs like ANC On The Money, where he has been a guest many times and talked about wealth management and investing.

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Who Should Attend This Seminar?

  • People with zero knowledge about the stock market and the currency market
  • People who have extra savings and are looking for an additional income
  • People who are losing money in stock market or forex trading

What Are The Topics To Be Discussed?

  • How does the stock market work?
  • How does the currency market work?
  • What exactly is trading?
  • What is stock market trading?
  • What is forex trading?
  • What’s the same and what’s different between the two?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of trading each market?
  • How does a typical day go for a stock market and a forex trader?
  • What is the proper mindset and the skills needed to be a successful trader?
  • How do I know which one is for me?


Quick Questions:

What if I have zero knowledge about the stock market and the forex market?
Then you should come! This workshop is actually designed for you.

What do I need to bring?
Nothing, we’ll provide everything you’ll need, including snacks!

I’m not available on the date, when’s the next one?
This is just a special project, so I can’t say when or if there will be a next one.

Again, this is happening on February 18, 2015, that’s a Wednesday, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM at vOffice PH, located at 10F Fort Legend Tower, 3rd Ave. and 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig



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